blights-chaos asked:

Thorn: She suddenly wraps her hands around Samantha's hips at the store. "Hey, Samantha~"

thebadrugardevoirs answered:

Samantha had sensed Thorn before she hugged her, but didn’t want to spoil the fun. “Op~! Well hello there sweetheart~! Come to pick out tea with me?”



There’s no wait at the check out and Samantha pays for her things, swinging the bag as they leave the store.

Thorn: She hums, her hips swinging as they leave. “So, on our way there, shall we chat? I wanna know if anything neat has happened recently.”

"Oh? Well, we could walk if you would like to darling, or I could just teleport us back and we can chat over our tea~"




Freia ( someheartlesslady ) and Melissa ( abunchofoutcasts )!

Done during tonight’s livestream, thanks to everyone who came and watched! ^u^

"Oh, yeah, nice, you caught me mid-belch, that looks greeaaaaaat…" She huffs.

((Oh, shush, look how big he made your ass.))

"About the right size, yeah. Still, burp picture."

(Oh shush, you, I wanted to do a “matching goofy icons” thing :3)


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